Services We Provide

At D.A. Loss Associates, our goal is to connect you with industry leading products as well as provide you with exceptional customer service in the application, installation, & proper selection of quality products tailored to your specific needs.

Pre-installation Conference:

Visit the jobsite to meet with those involved in the project for a short seminar to address questions and concerns regarding installation and adjustment of the products being installed.

Wiring Diagrams:

Advise the architect and electrical engineer on product requirements.

Trouble Shooting:

Jobsite visits to correct installation or technical errors.


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Since 1951, we have worked directly with architects and engineers on over 4000 commercial construction projects in the Midwest and have indirectly influenced many more. We assist the A/E firm in the creation of custom job specifications and coordination with related trades and specification sections. We meet with the architects, engineers, owners and others involved with the project to discuss function, aesthetics and budget requirements.

Post Installation Walk-through:

Visit the project after completion in order to ensure products have been installed and adjusted properly and address care and maintenance requirements with the end user.

Education Seminars:

We offer training on the installation, maintenance, and adjustment for all product lines we represent. Plus in depth education on specification writing, codes, etc. to architects, contractors, distributors, and end users.


Call us for a complete list of 1 hour luncheon presentations which qualify for Learning Units. We come to your office at your convenience to educate the AE staff in the latest in systems, products and codes.