D.A. Loss and Associates

manufacturers representative
since 1968

manufacturers representative since 1968

About Us

Twenty years after beginning a long career at a New York City hardware distributor, Don Loss established Donald A. Loss Associates, Inc. in 1968 in order to work for quality architectural Division 8 and 10 lines as an independent manufacturer’s representative. Shortly after, he purchased the building where the business is currently located at 3603 W. Oklahoma in Milwaukee, WI. The territories we cover include Wisconsin and Illinois depending on the geographic area assigned by each manufacturer. Major marketing regions include the greater Chicago area, Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox River Valley. We utilize Dodge Network Online and Reed to access project information from pre-planning through construction and to manage the daily flow of information.

Our business focuses on three primary customers:

The first is on the end user, including public and private schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals, where D.A. Loss Associates has successfully established a market for products represented.

The second is on the architectural community where we have been very successful in specifying our product lines to architects and have written over 4500 specifications.

The third focus is on the Division 8 and 10 distributors who provide our products to the end users and general contractors.

In addition, we work closely with the manufacturers we represent in order to better promote the programs, goals, and sales initiatives established by management.

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